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Bluink Interactive is a boutique video prodution company based in Hawaii but works internationally. We are focused on bringing concepts into digital ink. Traditional media still exists, but millenial media is taking over. Now more than ever, human connection is important for every business. People seek engaging and relatable brands with heartfelt stories.

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The business world is constantly changing and growing. Large companies can afford to use marketing teams to implement sales strategies. How would you like to level that playing field? Videos can hold traffic on your website, broadcast your service to a wider network and engage audiences on your authority in your industry. Producing an effective and well-targeted video message is vital to creating a lasting impression.

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My expertise in docureality television and video production ranges from 12 years of casting, filming, field directing, producing and working with New York and Los Angeles production companies and television brands, such as MTV, Food Network, Nat Geo, BET, etc... for anywhere from one day to three seasons. From reality TV to cooking shows, corporate to live feed events, multi-camera shoots to single person, my work is informed by my experience. I'm also a 'travel influencer', working with international brands, through YouTube and social media which target tourism and consumer-based marketing .

What sets me apart from other filmmakers is a personal and documentarian touch you'll feel through my work. Each video is sculpted and I direct my interviews so that they're relatable, and incorporate core values of your company .  |  | Bluink Interactive Video Productions

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