About Us

Bluink Interactive Hawaii (powered by GRRRLTRAVELER LLC)  is a small video marketing boutique and Hawaii video production company. We producing well-targeted Hawaii video marketing strategies to attract your ideal customer. Our work spans television and video production, filming live and virtual events. We also offer video marketing packages to help you rebrand your business for online traffic. We’ve covered a broad spectrum of work for clients all around the world.  If we’ve not listed it, just ask!

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We don’t film stories. We sell  stories.

You’re flipping through Instagram, what type of photo or caption makes your scroll stop?… You’re watching a YouTube video– what makes you watch to the end, rather than abandon it in the first 3-5 seconds ?  What makes you click to buy a product from one video review and not another? One word… Value.

Client Campaigns We Love

Our weekly travel video channel attracts work with international clients, who want to advertise through our personal label. Video campaigns and integrations are creatively challenging to us, as our job is to tell our client’s story and market their product, but to our niche audience in an honest and organic way, while commanding ROI conversion.

Filming in Hawaii?  Check out our COVID Compliance Officer (C19CO) team for your Hawaii film production.

Who wouldn’t love filming in Hawaii, with its lush paradise, competitive tax incentives, safety-conscientious locals and low virus count.  You just need one more thing…

Don't hesitate ask us about our work!