Destination Marketing  Campaigns

As both, traveler and travel content creator, we KNOW tourism, travel service providers and travel audiences. We know what makes consumers tick and what storytelling experiences sells bookings.

The author of GRRRLTRAVELER, Christine is experienced in destination marketing campaigns and producing experiential and relatable travel videos, blog articles, social media content and full-fledged campaign launches to take travel consumers on an unforgettable bucket list journey. We’ve worked with a long list of clients from tourism boards, hotels, tour agencies and travel service partners to capture authentic cultures and the fulfilling escape of travel.

We can strategize a series of experiential word-of-mouth videos showcasing your business or a social media package wooing customers to you as the ultimate vacation experience for travelers.

Want to hand us the ball to put your campaign together? We have a family of influencers from YouTubers, Instagrammers and bloggers, we’ll vet to get maximum exposure for your destination marketing campaign.

We sell real stories & heart-felt experiences.

Case Studies: Destination Marketing Campaigns

Destinations & branded experiences

With over 8 years of promoting travel and tourism industry, we can safely say – we know what travel consumers want. Although how they want to be served information, can change depending upon platform.  Christine is a YouTube marketing expert,  so she understand YouTube audiences along with YouTube SEO discovery and optimization.

Destination Marketing:
Daxi Tourism Board

Destination + Brand Experience Marketing:
Nepal Tourism Board + SanDisk

Destination + Brand Experience Marketing:
(3 video series + trailer)

Destination + Brand Experience Marketing:
AirBnB Experiences

 Destination Marketing:
Jilin Tourism Board & Ctrip

 Destination Marketing:
Qinghai Tourism Board & Ctrip

Destination Marketing:
Chitwan National Park,
Nepal Tourism Board/PATA Nepal
(8 video series)

Destination Marketing:
Emilia Romagna Tourism Board
(4 video series)

Destination Marketing:
Sri Lanka Tourism Board
(4-video series)

Destination Marketing:
Motor Valley & Emilia Romagna Tourism Board

Destination Marketing:
San Marino Tourism Board

Destination & Brand Experience Marketing:
Bologna Tourism Board,  Secret Food Tours
(4 video series)

Destination + Brand Experience Marketing:
Bologna Tourism Board
with Canossa Grand Tours, Italy

Destination + Brand Experience Marketing:
Taj Safaris

Destination + Brand Experience Marketing:
Backstreet Academy- Food
(4 video series)

Branded Campaigns

 Branded Video

Your brand (product, service, destination) is the star and feature experience. Promote your destination or brand to audiences through experiential word-of-mouth marketing videos and social media content.


Brand Integrated Video

We believe in organic promotion. We craft experiential videos and integrate your business/brand into a featured video guide or tutorial. Your brand is recommended and promoted organically through a video which serves a larger experience.

Social Media Marketing videos

Social Media marketing videos can garner high conversions if done well. We see it as your audition to potential customers and as such, has its own language separate from longer format videos.

We create social media videos (30-60 seconds) promoting your business on various platforms. We can film it or edit it from an existing video or a recently filmed event.  For customers who purchased a full format video (above) with us to work with, we offer this service and the licensing of our footage at a discounted rate. We add motion copy that you write for an extra fee. See one of our samples here.

How we work

*We offer quotes and customized packages for projects requiring multiple deliverables.
Be clear about deliverables desired,  budget and/or projected timeline so we can offer the best rates.
Vague requests usually get a higher quote based on our inability to see what the project fully entails.
Prices do not include: flights, transportation, hotels & meal stipends.

Case Studies: Branded Campaigns

How we sell your stories

We sell your stories for your audiences and your business and social platforms.

The select videos are from our GRRRLTRAVELER client portfolio, where we build experiential feature stories around our client’s services.

Hotel Marketing:
Kelebek Butterfly Hotel, Goreme

Tourism Marketing:
Voyager Balloons, Goreme

Tourism Marketing:
Wicked Diving: Liveaboard, Snorkel & Dive

Tourism Marketing:
Wanderlust Himalaya Adventures

Culinary & Culture Marketing:  Food Tour (4-video series)
Backstreet Academy Tours 

Culinary & Culture Marketing: