Video & Media Services

When Christine relocated to Oahu, she found it challenging to move forward in her career and industry, so she grew GRRRLTRAVELER LLC as her virtual hands  reaching beyond her Hawaiian Islands to an international market.  A result of her success are the global brands, who wanted to work with her.  Today, Christine continues to work with international partners, promoting businesses through social campaigns and travel video marketing on YouTube.

Media Storytelling & Branding

Video Marketing & Branding for Small Business

 Let us tell your story for you. Our services ranges from video campaigns and crafting a promotional video to market or document your event or business. We produce and direct videos promoting your brand to target audiences effectively. We also consult on effective social media and content marketing strategies which may fuel a stronger audience connection.

Social Media Marketing videos

Social Media marketing videos can garner high conversions if done well. We see it as your audition to potential customers and as such, has its own language separate from longer format videos.

We create social media videos (30-60 seconds) promoting your business on various platforms. We can film it or edit it from an existing video or a recently filmed event.  For customers who purchased a full format video (above) with us to work with, we offer this service and the licensing of our footage at a discounted rate. We add motion copy that you write for an extra fee. See one of our samples here.


YouTube  & Content Creator Packages

Destination Marketing and Branded Campaigns

We promote your destination or brand to audiences through experiential travel video marketing and social media content. Package rates may include: YouTube videos, blog articles, Instagram/Facebook/Twitter posts and Stories, appealing to a 25+ over demographics .  >> GO TO GRRRLTRAVELER LLC

Brand Integrated Video

We craft experiential videos, integrating your business/brand in our travels and sharing it to our YouTube channel (or other outlets) for travel audiences. Download our influencer media kit for audience stats.


How we work

*We offer quotes and customized packages for projects requiring multiple deliverables.
Be clear about deliverables desired,  budget and/or projected timeline so we can offer the best rates.
Vague requests usually get a higher quote based on our inability to see what the project fully entails.
Prices do not include: flights, transportation, hotels & meal stipends.

Travel Video Licensing Fees

Our YouTube channel features a lot of iconic foods, food/travel experiences, culture shock and interesting insights into travel. Occasionally, brands like to license our travel documentary features for online social media videos, news, documentary and broadcast videos.  To license our videos, we charge per second of usage for one-project usage.  Non transferable to third parties and partners. Please specify the usage, duration and platform it will play on.  A Master Cut and on-camera host appearances are subject to additional fees.  We do not sell music rights.

 Brand Consulting & Coaching

Need a boost in brand awareness?  We consult on video/social media campaigns and growing your YouTube presence and confidence.

Having been a television producer and director on reality shows,  leading interviews with teens to adults, to partnering on YouTube to promote sponsors and being an on-camera commercial and television actress, I pull from my experience both behind and in front of the camera.

YouTube channel audit and consultation

We do an audit of your channel, artwork, on-camera presentation and more and offer tips to level up your game.


* Rates :  Hourly or per project basis

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