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Cooking on Airbnb Experiences



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Cooking on Airbnb Experiences


Food is a Communion, which brings people together


Airbnb launched Cooking on Airbnb Experiences.  As we cover trip planning and food, they called us up to create a video for their #AirbnbExperiences campaign. We were to choose one of their four feature stories of locals who opened their lives, hearts and kitchens to travelers for cultural exchange.

We chose to film authentic handmade pasta and Cooking with Nonna Nerina in the small and cute medieval town of Palombara Sabina, outside of Rome, Italy.

The story of Nerina was intrigued and touched us. It was something we easily fell in love with and wanted to stand behind.

Nerina’s story has inspired a growing number of Italian grandmas across Italy into open their kitchens to travelers and follow in Nerina’s footsteps! The idea of senior women gaining a second life through teaching different generations of travelers their traditions was a story we wanted to tell and we knew the quirky medieval town of Palombara Sabina was a traveler’s gem.

Arriving, we were surprised to find not one but four Italian grandmas to teach Christine (the host & crew) the cooking of different pastas!

Oh mamma mia!

Social Media Video

Cooking with Nonna | Learning Handmade Pasta in Rome

𝒜𝒹 Fettucine, gnocchi, raviolis… hand-made pasta from scratch! 😋As a solo traveler, I love authentic local experiences and #sustainabletravel. The beauty of Cooking on #AirbnbExperiences is that each cooking story is special. I took a cooking class with an 83 year old Nonna Nerina in a medieval town of Palombara Sabina. FULL VIDEO is linked in comments section..Music licensed from Audio Jungle. #AirbnbPartner #Rome

Posted by GRRRL TRAVELER on Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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