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24 Top Things to Do in Vancouver | Vancouver Travel Guide | Canada
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a/o 2021

Case Study: Inside Vancouver & LandSea Tours

We collaborated with Inside Vancouver and LandSea Tours & Adventures for a three day layover stay in Vancouver after our Mazda #ArcticDrive Campaign . We wanted to feature Vancouver but didn’t have much time to research navigating it fully. We knew we needed to cover the main highlights of the city for our regular travel and food series.

Destinations are like YouTube videos. When they are starting out on the buzz, it can take time to catch on and grow. When we first published our video on Vancouver in 2019, we were in the 40,000 view mark and only the second travel channel on YouTube to publish a city video. Although Vancouver is a prominent city, it’s not a booming off the charts as a vacation destination topic in travel community circles. But after filming it, we felt it would only take a little bit for it to hit the YouTube echo chamber (when fellow YouTubers see/ research our videos) and the pandemic gave it a little extra push.

As of 5/2021, we’re still ranking on the first page of a YouTube search with 93,000 views. Our shocking discovery is that it has 646 shares (meaning 646 channels have saved it to a playlist)!

LandSea Tours & Adventures Testimonial:

“We wanted to reach out and say thank you for all the amazing content you’ve posted. Christine has been one of the best travel bloggers we’ve ever worked with! If you ever find yourself back in Vancouver please let us know. We would love to have you join (more of) our tours.  ”  Brianna, Marketing Specialist

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