Destination Marketing on Social Media

When marketing destinations,  social media is one of the biggest players in media. Whether it is a photo, video or story, we are selling a microblog romance of a destination. An impression passing through audiences’ feeds are impactful, and can ultimately, garner conversions. We try our best to stand out with innovative, creative and value-driven digital storytelling.

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Himalayan Travel Mart/ Nepal Tourism Board/ PATA Nepal
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nepal campaign solo travel instagrammer

Nepal Tourism Campaign

Client: Himalayan Travel Mart, Nepal Tourism Board and PATA Nepal

We worked with the Nepal Tourism Board, PATA Nepal and the Himalayan Travel Mart for two consecutive years. We were awarded Best Travel Vlogger of the Himalayan Travel Mart for most impactful travel content creator in social media and travel videos.

For creative style we went with warmer tones of summer-autumn seasons, communicating the rhythm of internal and external beauty of Nepali culture, people, food, travel services and landscape scenery. We mixed 360 degree photos, with still photos and plotagraphs for dimension and texture, keeping images experiential.

Jilin Tourism Campaign with Ctrip

Client: Ctrip & Jilin Tourism Board
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Jilin Tourism Board wanted to market itself as the new winter destination in China, so we went with the Winter Wonderland romance, balancing the magical beauty of the Rimes with the warmth that is also present in this experience. A few of our hotel photos garnered instant conversions

Social Media Successes:  Total 21,630 Impressions

  • 5,300 Instagram Likes
  • 6,200 Instagram Story Views
  • 12,500 FB Likes/30 shares


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Qinghai Tourism Campaign on Instagram (via @grrrltraveler)
Qinghai Tourism Campaign on Instagram (Food on @grrrleatsworld)
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Qinghai Tourism Campaign

Client:  Qinghai Tourism, Ctrip
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