Shooting Years

2003-2005 Corporate & Non-profit
2005-2010 Broadcast, News & Live-
New York/ Los Angeles
2017-2020 Corporate & Live
2012- 2020 Broadcast & YouTube
Honolulu/ International

D.P. & Camera Operator in Hawaii

Looking for a Hawaii camera operator with a storytelling eye for marketing you for today’s consumer audience? We got you!

We film both, domestically in the U.S. and internationally. Our projects range: Broadcast, red carpet, corporate live events and travel campaigns, sit-down interviews and documentary- we’ve covered an encyclopedic spectrum of ENG cinema verite work. We’ve gone from George Michael show stoppers to … Instagram scroll stoppers. We film to communicate your message so it reaches your ideal audience in this a pandemic world.

We help you with your video marketing and tell your story in the the most heartfelt and impactful way. 


10 hours/day; OT  +1.5 hour/rate.
Beyond Hawaii : Travel, transportation, accommodations, meal stipend not included.
Camera kit & Teleprompter rental available- Canon M50, Sony A7iii
We use your equipment or ours.

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Camera Operator Show Reel

Director of Photography

Travel the country to shoot day-in-life segments for each contestant.

Qinghai Tourism Campaign with Ctrip
Creative Capital Foundation