Field Producer Reality TV (Hawaii based)

We  produce stories and direct interviews so they’re relatable, honest, and incorporate core values of your company . Consumers want to see real people as heroes and engaging storylines . Whether you are a reality TV show or a small business., we deliver this value to your project.  We get into intimate and heartfelt spaces to extract a winning brand story your audiences will love !

Our docu-reality television experience is mixed with our equally extensive experience in producing engaging content for YouTube and social media influencer campaigns, so you get the best of both worlds of (re)branding and storytelling sculpted towards your target audiences during these changing times.  We produce and film for your niche audience so your story has greater conversion and  impact.

As Field Producer/Director duties include but are not limited to :
– Conducting interviews which tell a story, direct tosses and sound bytes
– Directing small to large groups of talent for actionable scenes or camera tosses
– Producing character storylines on-the-fly and sculpt engaging and honest character angles
– Filming:  story events, casting shoots, interviews, transitions, b-roll.
– Coordinating shoot dates with talent (in small crew settings) and lock talent releases.


Field Producer Reality TV IMDB profile

Day rates apply: 10 hours/day;  OT  + 1.5 hour/rate.
Outside Hawaii : Travel, accommodations, meal stipend not included.
Available for U.S. mainland/International travel. 10 year China visa.

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