Field Producer Reality TV (Hawaii based)

We  produce stories and direct interviews so they’re relatable, honest, and incorporate core values of your company . Consumers want to see real people as heroes and engaging storylines . Whether you are a reality TV show or a small business., we deliver this value to your project.  We get into intimate and heartfelt spaces to extract a winning brand story your audiences will love !

Our docu-reality television and corporate branding experience is mixed with an extensive experience with various platforms from broadcast to social media and live/virtual events.  We produce and film for your niche audience so your story has greater conversion and  impact.

Field Producer/Director primary duties :

  • Conduct interviews to drive a story, direct tosses and sound bytes
  • Direct talent (small to large groups) for action scenes
  • Produce character/storylines on-the-fly; sculpt engaging character angles
  • Brainstorm and pitch scenarios to film
  • Manage crew needs: meals, entrance fees, field expenses, petty cash
  • Film:  casting shoots, interviews, main action, transitions, b-roll.
  • Field coordinate shoot dates and lock talent releases.


Field Producer Reality TV IMDB profile

Day rates apply: 10 hours/day;  OT  + 1.5 hour/rate.
Outside Hawaii : Travel, accommodations, meal stipend not included.
Available for U.S. mainland/International travel. 10 year China visa.

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