Hotels on Social Media

When marketing destinations,  social media is one of the biggest players in media. Whether it is a photo, video or story, we are selling a microblog romance of a destination. An impression passing through audiences’ feeds are impactful, and can ultimately, garner conversions. We try our best to stand out with innovative, creative and value-driven digital storytelling.

Unique Boutique & Luxury Hotels

For us, a hotel is not just a lovely crash pad. It is a unique experience and sometimes, a destination in itself !  Cave hotels, luxury safari bungalows to eco-friendly or boutique design themes, we like to accentuate the difference which makes it stand out. Here are some of the hotel brands we have promoted.

taj safaris
taj safaris female solo travel influencer

Taj Safaris Meghauli Serai
Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Luxury, safari adventure, nature. | YouTube video + blog review + Instagram

Taj Safaris is the luxury adventurous sister of re-known Taj hotels and resorts.  While the lead YouTube cover photo did not draw virality for Instagram audiences, it had impact on YouTube video. Our experiential hotel review video gained a popular 75,000 views back in 2017 when it was released. But late 2019, the video decided to go viral, growing to a whopping 300,000 views! Which goes to show you, evergreen content will has a lasting performance and that is something we always aim for in our content.

Sirkeci Mansion, Istanbul

Boutique, Turkish hospitality & culture  | Video + blog review + Instagram photo

Why go boutique over big hotel? At Sirkeci Mansion, boutique means personalized Turkish hospitality and cultural activities to highlight your Istanbul trip.

With social media to complement our promotional hotel video of 15 Shades of a Perfect Hotel , we found ourselves tagged in photos of happy followers, who had watched our YouTube video and enjoyed their Turkish stay.


Shennong Hot Spring Resort, Jilin China

Dreamy hotel to warm your winter wonderland stay | Instagram photos

Sometimes, a hotel can inspire a trip to a destination. In this case, while working on a campaign for Ctrip and Jilin Tourism Board, the moment we posted these images of Shennong Hot Spring Resort, we have had instant interest in hotel bookings and rightfully so. The day we posted our first photo we got a three DMs and comments from interested GRRRLTRAVELER fans, who wanted to book this experience. A year later when we posted another photo of the hotel, there were a couple more inquiries, with one GRRRLTRAVELER fan DMing us later, her photos from her stay. This was just when our Instagram fan following was at 10,000 followers, which shows you that micro-influencers and filming at the right time of day can make an impact.

Kantipur Temple House, Kathmandu

Eco-friendly, boutique  | Instagram + blog review

The founder of Kantipur Temple House in Kathmandu was a strong advocate of eco-friendly and culturally-sustainable tourism. We did some Instagram photos and a blog review, capturing the warmth, cultural artistry of the converted hotel which was one a refuse station for the city.  It was wonderfully when we were tagged on Instagram by a GRRRLTRAVELER fan, who booked and were happy with her stay in this hotel and a food tour we promoted.

kathmandu hotel
Motor Valley Italy
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