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Jilin Tourism Campaign


Jilin Tourism Board


Social Media video
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We got additional exposure for it when Thrillist Travel wanted a remix for their Facebook page in 2018.
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  9 Reasons to Visit Jilin

Social Media During Trip
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Our Instagram photos of one of the hotspring hotels we stayed at, got interested DMs and coments from GRRRLTRAVELER fans for potential bookings, as soon as we posted it. We still get occasional queries about the hotel.

Jilin : China’s Winter Wonderland

Jilin Tourism Board & Ctrip Campaign

Jilin Tourism Board and China’s largest travel search engine, Ctrip wanted to market Jilin to North American and Asian female solo travel audiences as China’s new winter destination. We created a shareable social media travel guide featuring romantic Winter Wonderland highlights, balancing the magical beauty of the Rimes with the fun and warmth that is also present in this culture.

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Jilin Tourism Campaign


After the campaign, we made a full length travel guide video for audiences on our YouTube channel and published it a year later. We purposely made it evergreen for Google/YouTube search engines. The video to date has garnered over 33,000+ views on YouTube. The main audiences reached 53% women from U.S. and India, ages 25-44.

Social Media Video

Social Media

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Qinghai Tourism Campaign with Ctrip