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MazdaUSA #CRXArcticDrive Campaign

YouTube (Main video): 200,000+ impressions
North American, Canadians and UK
18-54 range

Social stories: 102,000+ impressions.

Documentary series:
YouTube documentary series:
766,00+ impressions

Facebook video series:
73,000 impressions
4,304 engagements
Women 35-44
California, Texas, Florida, Washington

Mazda CX ArcticDrive

We participated in a five day drive expedition to the Arctic Ocean, driving Mazda’s CX-3, CX-5 & CX-9 vehicles.

Concept: Inspired by the CX’s AWD confidence in winter weather and the Mazda tagline “Feel Alive”, we took that into our solo female travel brand as taking the wheel in going into the unknown of winter’s unpredictability and the adventures that the Arctic road trip brings .

Outside of the campaign, we also knew our travel audiences would appreciate seeing our entire trip to the Arctic Ocean (it truly is a once-in-a-lifetime trip!) Thus, we created a four-video docu-reality series. We optimized our video series with competitive but highly ranked key searches for future growth and evergreen discoverability.

We published our documentary series on YouTube and a year later on Facebook, around the holidays.

Extras:  Documentary series (Four parts)

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