Live Virtual Event & Corporate Videography

We help local businesses use video marketing, YouTube and social media to grow their business and attract customers.


Video Branding for Small Business

 Let us help you re-brand your business for these changing times. Many brick and mortar businesses were forced online to survive and we want to help you.   We are Youtube and video marketing specialists for those looking to grow and attract clients to your business organically and without paid ads.

Our services ranges from video campaigns and crafting a promotional video to market or document your event or business.


Event or Documentary Video

Informational, education and/or documentary, we film, produce and edit short format videos and interviews for events, conferences and continuing learning education trainings.  We produce everything with your brand message in mind to  attract an audience which vibes with your services.


Zoom Live Event Filming & Recording

Need an event videographer to film and record your live virtual event or Zoom event?
Note: While large in-person events may be on the backburner during this time, don’t let your audiences or fund-raising event suffer because of it!


Live  Virtual Event Planning via Zoom events

Have a conference, concert or fundraiser? While large in-person events are on the back burner during this time, don’t give up on your event year! The show must go on and it will  be more exciting and engaging than an in-person live event. We’ll make sure of it.

We are virtual event strategists, who can help sculpt your Zoom event for greater impact and audience engagement. During this time, Zoom allows people around the globe to connect and it’s been discovered that even the shyest people can feel a greater sense of inclusion and confidence when attending via Zoom. Let us know what your goals are, what type of event you’re having, what you’d like attendees to experience and your budget and we’ll help strategize your event to be an exciting and memorable one!


Social Media Videos

We see social media marketing videos as your audition to customers. We consult on social media and content marketing platforms which work best for your business and the customers you’re striving to attract.

We create social media videos (30-60 seconds) promoting your business on various platforms. We can film it or edit it from an existing video or a recently filmed event.  For customers who purchased a full format video (above) with us to work with, we offer this service and the licensing of our footage at a discounted rate. We add motion copy that you write for an extra fee. See one of our samples here.

How we work

*We offer quotes and customized packages for projects requiring multiple deliverables.
Be clear about deliverables desired,  budget and/or projected timeline so we can offer the best rates.
Vague requests usually get a higher quote based on our inability to see what the project fully entails.